OK, it has been over a year and a half since I finished the big walk. I have been occupied with trying to make the house I bought in Stornoway habitable and a postgraduate course. So my trips between London and Stornoway have reverted to being by plane or ferry bus and train.

The plan, obviously, is to move to Stornoway but work/debt considerations means this has not happened yet. Still I hope to do it within a year.  And it occurs to me that there are some places in the South I have not explored and that chief amongst them is Lyme Regis and the Undercliff.  I have never been to Winchester, where Jane Austin is buried, either and it ocurred to me that I could undertake a short-long walk from here to the Undercliffe, joining up most of the main Jane Austen sites: Chawton, Winchester and Lyme as a minimum, and exploring some new country. This would have the benefit of extending the line I have walked every step of the way of from the South Coast of England to Stornoway.

I have been  humming and haa-ing about this for a bit.  Nearly set off in Autumn but I still had an essay to write for my course and then Christmas came. But I have finally decided to set off again.

I have until the Autumn at least to do this walk.  Financially, because of the house I am on a tighter budget than last time but then it is a much shorter walk.  And I should be able to do the greater part in day trips from London, I think, so there should be less need for expensive accomodation.

So here we go, a short walk through Jane Austen country to the southern wilderness of The Undercliff.



  1. JaneGS said...

    Sounds like an admirable project. I'll be looking forward to your posts on this trek.  


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