Another start in the dark. A dull moist morning too. I am getting the hang of this now. Saturday rather than Sunday but there is something very similar. It used to be that six or seven am was early morning at the weekend and it still is for some. The people, mostly immigrants who use public transport to get to jobs with unsocial hours. But nowadays it is also still the night before for clubbers. Off their faces youths, a bit loud and wasted. Two worlds ignoring each other as the day begins to dawn.

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It hasnt exactly been a great summer but this was the third sunny walking day in succession. This time was a Sunday in late September but it turned out just as hot as the last two Saturdays.

Aware that I had further to go to start I got up really early this time. Too early it transpired. Archway tube was shut. So was just about everything else. But eventually I got a 390 down to St Pancras and just had time to buy a cappuccino before my train took me back to Harpendon.

Planning is essential in any endeavour like this. Without proper planning it is unlikely that I will succeed in my ultimate objective. So I sat down to plan the next leg carefully. There are three words that I like to use to describe my approach to planning. Vagueness, indecision and contingency. These shall be my watchwords.


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