Door to Door

I had this idea a year or so ago. I live in North London and my mum lives in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. I do a lot of walking around London and hillwalking in the Highlands and it occurred to me a good way to get fit and lose some weight whilst seeing more of the country would be to walk from my house to my mum's.

My mum is a prodigious walker. Here she is in Stornoway, the oldest participant in a charity walk around the Castle Grounds. So I hope that if I make it she will meet up with me for the final stage at least.

It is quite a way and the prospect is a bit daunting. For a while I considered doing it in one expedition but that had several problems. I would need to find the time away from work, I would have to keep slogging on whatever, through bad weather etc. I would have to go the shortest, quickest, reasonable route with little time for side expeditions.

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                                                                                                                                                                                      Doing it in stages has its drawbacks too. It won't be half so good for getting fit, indeed I expect that I will
have to keep getting fit and then losing fitness again before the next stage. Also the feeling of satisfaction if and when I do complete it, is bound to be less than if I had done it in one big run. Still, the advantages of a multi-stage walk became even more seductive when I realised that I could begin by doing walks from London and get the tube or train back for the night.

Less nights in expensive b&bs or sleeping in my bivi bag, definately appealed.

So there we have it. I am going to try to walk from North London to the Outer Hebrides, taking as long as I like, in as many stages as I choose, and taking time off to visit places of interest along the way. Part of the whole appeal is seeing the country, which I have whislted though in cars, coaches, trains and flown over in planes, many times, at walking pace.


  1. Spencer said...

    I should add that, as the more observant might have noticed, Stornoway is on Lewis, an Island well out in the Atlantic, I am not going to be able to walk all the way. Ferries are permitted. And I can take as long as I like in as many stages as I choose - however as I am on pleasure bent rather than trying to prove something, I will do my best to avoid rain, sleet midges and other terrors en-route.  

  2. JaneGS said...

    I just assumed you could walk on water, Spencer! Good luck--I'll be following you, that is, your blog.  

  3. Spencer said...

    Thanks Jane. Just got back from Stage Two but I am knackered so it might be a while before I update it.  

  4. Edwin Moore said...

    Great idea Spencer - whereabouts are you now?  

  5. Spencer said...

    I'm at Bridge of Orchy in the Highlands. I have three days of blog to update. Hope to have it done soon.  

  6. Edwin Moore said...

    We were on the Glasgow-Mallaig train last week - signals were out, driver had to get out at each station to phone in. I got out at BofO, Rannoch and Corrour - GOD IT WAS FREEZING. Cam back from Skye on saturday on bus - such weather!  

  7. Spencer said...

    Well, I hope to do some more in the New Year. Have to see what the weather is doing though.  


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