Back on the road after a couple of weeks, back down to Euston in the dark. My left leg and ankle have stopped hurting but the ankle still feels a bit stiff and tight. I probably should have been to see a doctor but I just did not get round to it.
The Virgin Pendelino whisks me up to Glasgow where I have a spot of time between trains so I nip into Tiso in Buchanan Street and buy a walking pole as I have not yet retrieved the one I left in Edinburgh.

This is not good. This is not good at all.  My room in the hostel is up a flight of stairs and going down to the member's kitchen for breakfast is excruciating. I woke a few times in the night with pain in my left leg but fully expected it to be better by the morning. But better it most definitely isn't.

I had planned to have a fairly easy day today. To maybe get a bit beyond Bridge of Allen on the way to Callendar as I have decided to go that way (more old railway lines) rather than what looks like a more difficult route to Crief where I could have picked up old drove routes to Skye.

I can see clearly now the rain has gone...  Nope,
actually,  my sight is a bit blurry from too much red wine last night. The rain has gone though. Nick and Susan have the luxury of a leisurely Saturday morning. Nick starts checking out the horses on the internet, which Susan tells me is his Saturday ritual.

It's been raining but has stopped when I leave the house in West Edinburgh. There is a fair bit of cloud but blue patches too. More worrying is the wind. The tree tops are shaking away. If things go well I may be trying to cross the Forth Road Bridge today, and for that I need it fairly calm.


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